BACTEMIA is a company with the aim of covering a space within the field of applied biotechnology for improving the environment.

Our goal is to collaborate with clients and professionals in all fields of wastewater treatment, at an industrial treatment level, as well as urban and small community treatments (septic tanks, grease tanks, etc.), providing them with solutions and systems based on natural processes that are highly effective, always enabling profitability in the management of treatments stations and sewage units.

To do this, BACTEMIA manufactures a wide range of biotech products formulated with non-pathogenic natural microorganisms that are highly effective in carrying out the decomposition of organic compounds that make up urban and industrial wastewater (oil and grease, hydrocarbons, surfactants, cellulose, etc.).


At BACTEMIA we also have a Physical-Chemical and Microbiological Control Lab that guarantees the quality of our products in all phases: design, development, manufacture and final application.

BACTEMIA Technical and Commercial Services, composed of biologists, chemical engineers and professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of sewage treatment have the ability to diagnose in situ, or by means of subsequent laboratory analysis, the real extent of the problems detected, providing the most effective and environmentally friendly solution and subsequently monitoring the solutions adopted to meet the previously established benefits.



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