All our products are adapted to the different needs that our customers may have. A large and varied range of articles covering all possible fields.

Biotel products are aimed at the following sectors:

  • Food (small food industries: bakeries, pizzerias, sausage processors, butchers, fishmongers, preparation of packaged meals).
  • Facility services (subcontracted cleaning companies for different areas).
  • Horeca (hotel, restaurant and catering.┬áCafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and residential, school and hospital kitchens).
  • Institutional (schools, universities, training centres, offices, laundries, sport centres, gyms, airports, stations, service stations, public administrations).
  • Health (clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapy and massage centres, beauty centres, centres for tattoos and piercing).

The BioforZe product range is designed for biological water treatment; hydrocarbons; for the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries; textile; paper; and food.

The Bihogar by Bactemia range includes cleaning, hygiene and odour elimination products for homes, made from microorganisms, enzymes and natural plants.

Finally, we also provide custom products in our laboratories.